AZ Senate - District 20


Ever since my family moved to Arizona when I was three years old, I have been honored to call this great state my home. Raised and educated in the valley, I have always been deeply committed to the community.  Much of this commitment was instilled in me by my parents who gave back in their own ways.  After my father left the military, he traveled the state as a field engineer, while my mother taught nursing at Mesa Community College. They ensured that education was always a top priority in our family.

As an adult, I put myself through night school while working full time as a state corporate tax auditor. In 1993, I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and passed the CPA exam. I went on to be the controller for a small business and then entered the software industry where I helped a local company grow into an international firm.

Over the years I have volunteered with multiple environmental and educational organizations including as a tutor for second graders at a local public school. As a part of these pursuits, I became more directly involved in local politics and spent many hours at the state capitol, where I witnessed members of the legislature putting party before people and jeopardizing Arizona’s future for short-term political gains.

Knowing that I could not sit idly by while these potentially disastrous changes were made, I looked for the most effective way to bring common sense and morality back into the institutions that govern us.  Even though I had never planned to run for office, I realized that becoming a State Senator was how I would do my part to help save Arizona’s future.  I know that my financial background, problem-solving skills, business experience, and focused determination will serve me well in the State Legislature.

As your State Senator, I will restore public education funding to help students and teachers, which will grow our economy and create jobs.  I will support clean air, reliable water, renewable energy, and climate justice to help keep Arizonans safe and healthy.  I will protect individual freedoms, voter rights and basic human rights for every person.  I will work to ensure that everyone has access to quality affordable healthcare and people are not discriminated on because of pre-existing conditions.

I understand the enormity of this challenge and I am wholeheartedly committed to saving Arizona’s future.

Thank you,





I believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.  It is unacceptable that too many people in our community can't afford to see a doctor.  I will work to allow consumers to buy into Medicaid and will stand up to insurance companies that are taking advantage of Arizona families.  I will fight efforts to discriminate on pre-existing conditions as well as protect essential benefits such as maternity care, cancer screenings, and mental health care.

From making sure our teachers get the pay they deserve to increasing funding for our schools, education always comes first. That is why I am focused on rebuilding our crumbling schools, reducing class sizes, and ensuring we have quality teachers in the classroom.

Balanced Plan to Increase Revenue for Education Funding

We need to rebalance our tax policy and generate the revenue necessary to properly invest in our children and our community. So, I have worked with other financial experts to develop a broad-based plan that generates the revenue our state needs, grows our economy and creates jobs without putting the burden on working families. My plan includes eliminating the corporate STO tax credits, reversing unproductive sales tax exemptions, equitably taxing digital goods, resetting individual tax rates and modernizing the corporate income tax structure to truly incentivize companies to invest in Arizona.

Increase Charter School Accountability and Transparency

When parents are making the important decision about where to educate their children, they must have equal access to consistent information across all school choices. Currently, public charter schools are not subject to the same auditing and reporting requirements as district schools. This hinders a parents ability to make a fully informed decision and trust that the school will not unexpectedly close permanently, which would upset the students learning progress.

Any school that is receiving public taxpayer money, which includes charter schools, should be subject to equal public financial disclosures and conflict of interest rules.  

Long-Term Investment Approach

Long-term investments in the people of Arizona is the best way to encourage sustainable growth that benefits everyone. We must properly fund all levels of education including expanding quality learning child care programs that give children a good start and help working parents. We must also invest in our local infrastructure, protect our natural resources and expand health care programs which all have long-term benefits and are necessary to handle the economic growth that allows local business to flourish.

Instead of continuing to give tax breaks to out-of-state corporations and special interest groups, we must create an equitable tax policy that generates the revenue we need without putting the burden on working families. One piece of my broad-based tax plan modernizes the corporate income tax structure to truly incentivize companies to invest in Arizona without the state picking winners and losers.

Long-term investments do not unfairly target individuals of any income level and will most effectively lead to sustainable economic growth for Arizona.