AZ Senate - District 20


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Restoring Fiscal Responsibility

As an accountant and tutor for second graders, I am working to restore fiscal responsibility to our state so that all children receive a great education, everyone has access to quality affordable healthcare, and we make prudent infrastructure investments - all of which will help grow our economy and create jobs. 

Ever since my family moved to Arizona when I was three years old, I have been honored to call this great state my home. Raised and educated in the valley, I have always been deeply committed to the community as instilled in me by my parents who gave back in their own ways. After my father left the military, he traveled the state as a field engineer, while my mother taught nursing at Mesa Community College. They insisted that education was always a top priority in our family, but they were unable to afford my college tuition. So, I started working at the age of thirteen, earned my Accounting degree in night school and passed the CPA exam. I was a state corporate tax auditor, controller for small business and then helped grow a local company into an international firm.  

TutorOver the years I have volunteered with multiple educational, environmental and community organizations including as a tutor for second graders at a local public school. As a part of these pursuits, I became more directly involved in local politics and spent many hours at the state capitol, where I witnessed members of the legislature putting party before people and jeopardizing Arizona’s future for short-term political gains.

Knowing that we could not sit idly by while these potentially disastrous changes were made, my wife and I looked for the most effective way to return common sense and morality back into the institutions that govern us.  Even though I had never planned to run for office, we realized that bringing my financial background, problem-solving skills, business experience, and focused determination to the State Senate was critical to helping save Arizona’s future

As your State Senator, I will restore fiscal responsibility to our state so that we can properly invest in pre-K through post-secondary schools to ensure all students receive a great education, which will grow our economy and create jobs. I will protect individual freedoms, and fight for everyone to have quality affordable healthcare regardless of pre-existing conditions.  I will use an equitable long-term investment approach to help grow our renewable energy market, update our infrastructure and create a 21st-Century economy that works for every Arizonan.

I understand the enormity of this challenge and I am wholeheartedly committed to working for the people of our state.

Thank you,


Election Timeline:

Primary Election- August 4, 2020

General Election- November 3, 2020