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Restore Fiscal Responsibility

As an accountant and tutor for second-graders, I am working to restore fiscal responsibility to our state so that all children receive a great education, everyone has access to quality, affordable healthcare, and we make smart infrastructure investments - all of which will help grow our economy and create good-paying jobs.

Arizona Values and Experience

  • Raised in Arizona - My parents, an Air Force Captain and Nursing Teacher instilled in me the value of hard work, respect, family, integrity, and civic responsibility.  I am working to bring these values to our state legislature and replace self-serving career politicians.
  • Experienced Accountant - Throughout my many decades in business as an accountant, auditor, consultant, software architect, and manager, I have tackled complex issues, developed innovative solutions, and helped businesses grow.
  • Community Volunteer - I have volunteered for many community, environmental and educational organizations including as a tutor for second-graders at a local public school.  I am committed to improving our state so all Arizonans have the opportunity to thrive.

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Protect Arizona’s Future

  • Education - Strengthen education by properly funding our schools, respecting teachers, and demanding transparency on how taxpayer money is spent.  This includes early childhood development, K-12, universities, community colleges, and trade schools.
  • Healthcare - Improve our healthcare system by expanding access to quality, affordable care and protecting people with pre-existing conditions.  
  • Economy - Grow our economy and create good-paying jobs by investing in infrastructure, encouraging innovation, promoting renewable energy, and supporting working families.

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Serving Our Community

We deserve elected officials who listen to the citizens in our community and serve with integrity. For too long self-serving career politicians have focused on special interest groups and political ideology. We need legislators who are working to help the people of Arizona, which is why I'm running for State Senator - Legislative District 20.

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