I firmly believe that every child deserves the right to a quality and affordable education and that every teacher should be guaranteed the respect and support they have earned as pillars in our community.

Even though politicians talk about the importance of education, our legislature has slashed school budgets and put Arizona near the bottom of per pupil funding and teacher retention.  Cuts to state funding for education have led to crumbling infrastructure, dangerous buses, outdated educational resources, unmanageable class sizes and overworked teachers.

While throwing money at a problem is not always the best answer, studies indicate that we need to spend much more on schools and I intend to ensure we do so responsibly. While all revenue sources need to be explored, shifting the burden from corporations to families is not the answer. We need to closely review all existing sales tax exemptions and repeal ones that are no longer beneficial to the citizens of Arizona.

While properly supporting K-12 schools and colleges will benefit students and teachers, it will also help grow our economy and create jobs.  Businesses voice concerns about the difficulties finding an educated workforce and thus can be reluctant to expand in Arizona. Investing in our classrooms can lead to higher wages, increased home values, safer neighborhoods and a better quality of life for all Arizonans.

As your State Senator, I will work to:

  • Invest in K-12 education

  • Increase teacher salaries

  • Reduce class sizes

  • Upgrade school facilities and equipment

  • Make college education more affordable for Arizona students