Sunrise_February17.jpgProtecting the environment is paramount to saving Arizona’s future. 

Climate change is real and its consequences affect everyone. Global warming, the process by which burning fossil fuels increases atmospheric carbon, trapping the sun's heat and increasing surface temperature, is already responsible for dangerous changes such as more intense storms, longer droughts, expanded wildfire seasons and reduced snow packs. More than just perilous to the environment, the effects of climate change are expensive for all citizens. Higher healthcare prices, property insurance premiums, and utility rates, can all be partly attributed to climate change.

Sadly, a staggering number of politicians are avoiding the issue of climate change in order to protect the profits of a few companies. Instead we need to live up to our moral responsibility to protect the planet and seize the opportunity to grow Arizona’s economy and create jobs by becoming a leader in the growing renewable energy market.  

As your State Senator, I will work to:

  • Support reasonable regulations to insure clean air and reliable water

  • Transition government vehicles and buildings to renewable energy

  • Educate people on how to conserve energy and save money

  • Encourage development of new clean technologies