Being an active contributor to one’s community means being able to both appreciate its strengths and work to fix its weaknesses. Although I am extremely proud of what this state has to offer, Arizona is currently facing a myriad of issues that affect all of us and we need to act responsibly today to ensure a thriving tomorrow. Unfortunately, many of our current legislators appear more concerned with short term political wins than enacting policies that benefit all Arizonans.  

The continual tax burden shift from corporations to individuals is inherently unfair and only exacerbates the problem of economic inequality. Instead of putting a greater reliance on sales taxes to pay for our public programs, we need to cut taxes for families and small businesses while creating a balanced budget through necessary sales tax exemption reforms. We need a responsible income tax policy that provides the revenue necessary to meet our obligations and still incentivizes companies to invest in Arizona and create good paying jobs with benefits.

My top priorities are education funding, environmental protection and equal opportunity. When working on these or any issue, I promise to do the following:

  • Listen to all stakeholders

  • Work together with whomever it takes to get the job done

  • Do what I believe is right, not what is politically advantageous

  • Focus on what is best for Arizona’s future, not just short-term gains