Growing up here in the valley, my parents taught me that being an active contributor to one’s community means being able to both appreciate its strengths and work to fix its weaknesses. I am extremely honored to call Arizona my home and proud of what our state has to offer, but recognize we are currently facing a myriad of issues that affect all of us and we need to act responsibly today to ensure a thriving tomorrow. 

Unlike many of our current legislators who appear focused on ideology, short-term political wins, and personal ambition, I will push to enact policies that benefit all Arizonans. I am committed to responsible fiscal management, keeping our community safe, protecting individual freedoms, putting families first, supporting small businesses, encouraging innovation and working together with whomever it takes to enact common-sense solutions.


For years I have volunteered at local public schools because I firmly believe that every child deserves a great education and that educators should be given the support they have earned as pillars in our community.

Even though politicians talk about the importance of education, our legislature has slashed school budgets and put Arizona near the bottom of per-pupil funding and teacher retention. Cuts to state funding for education have led to crumbling infrastructure, dangerous buses, outdated educational resources, unmanageable class sizes, and overworked teachers.

I will restore fiscal responsibility to our state so that we can properly invest in pre-K through post-secondary education and allow children to learn in a safe environment.  This will prepare students to succeed in the 21st-century economy, show educators the respect they deserve and create jobs in our community.


Like most people, we have friends that have been financially devastated by an unexpected family illness and are often unable to afford the treatment they need. In our modern society, no one should go bankrupt due to a medical issue.

That is why I believe healthcare is a right and all Arizonans should have access to quality affordable care regardless of pre-existing conditions. I will work to allow consumers to buy into AHCCCS, the state’s Medicaid agency, as this will give the program more bargaining power to lower premiums for everyone.  I will stand up to insurance companies that are taking advantage of families and fight to protect essential benefits such as maternity care, cancer screenings, and mental health care.  

Economic Development

Long-term investments in the people and businesses of Arizona is the best way to develop a 21st-century economy that benefits everyone. We must create a level playing field that allows businesses to thrive and ensure we respect honest work with fair pay.

Properly funding all levels of education including expanding quality learning child care programs give children a good start, helps working parents and reaps tremendous returns on our investment.  Also, we need to invest in our infrastructure, protect our natural resources and encourage entrepreneurship which all have long-term benefits and are necessary to handle the economic growth that allows local businesses to flourish.


I have hiked all across our beautiful state, marveled at its natural wonders and witnessed the changes to our lands.  Clearly, our climate is one of the drivers of Arizona’s economy, so protecting the environment is paramount to saving Arizona’s future.  

Sadly, a staggering number of politicians are avoiding environmental issues in order to protect the profits of a few companies. I will work to ensure we live up to our moral responsibility to protect the planet and seize the opportunity to create jobs across Arizona by becoming a leader in the growing renewable energy market.  

Tax Policy

Unfortunately, our legislators have created a tax system that is unstable, inherently unfair and exacerbates the problem of economic inequality. Instead of continuing to give tax breaks to out-of-state corporations and special interest groups, we need an equitable tax policy that does not put an undue burden on working families. I will use my decades of financial experience to enact a responsible tax policy that provides the revenue necessary to meet our obligations and still incentivizes companies to invest in Arizona and create good-paying jobs.