As a student and activist, I know and fully understand the difficulty of feeling as though politicians don’t take our view and opinion into account at all. This past year working with Doug has truly given me a glimpse into a future where we can sit down and share opinions with our policymakers and politicians. I believe that with Doug in the Senate we can start to make our long journey near the equal and open end that student activists hope for, a government that listens.

Hello, my name is Carla DeBow and I would like to let you know what I am supporting Doug Ervin for State Senator.  

As a teacher, mother and grandmother, I know that access to quality education is key to giving every person an equal opportunity to succeed.  It makes me angry to see how budget cuts and moves towards privatization have damaged our public schools and hurt our children. But I saw a ray of hope last year when I met Doug and heard how he was going to use his financial experience to fund education and grow our economy.

I was impressed by his family, energy, and knowledge. While I will never agree 100% with any lawmaker, I know he will listen to everyone’s opinion, represent us honestly, and always do what is right for the people of Arizona.  So, I ask you to join me in voting for Doug Ervin for State Senator.

Thank you

I’ve been an active Democrat for almost all my life; and during my ‘active years’ in LD 20 since I retired (2003), I’ve seen a number of candidates step forward to run for the AZ Legislature.  Some ‘pop up’ to run but have never been active before and are never seen again.  Some seem to have just ONE major focus.  This year, LD 20 has been very lucky to have a number of dedicated Dems run for the AZ Legislature so we have a contested election, which means:  I had to really study and think about who I wanted to support (tho all the Democratic candidates are head and shoulders above the Republicans).
What drew me to support Doug Ervin?  He got active shortly after the 2016 election and has remained very involved with this district. Further, he proudly put the 3 things he cares about most on his literature, i.e., public education (which all Dems support and is terribly important), the environment including 'climate justice' (which I feel as a mom and grandmother is critical if we want to have a bright future in AZ) and equality.  That’s his umbrella term for a lot of things that I think too many candidates don’t want to say openly for fear of offending some, e.g., women’s rights, human rights, worker rights, voter access, universal healthcare.  And finally, as I’ve told many people when I knock at their doors, I am a volunteer lobbyist for a non-partisan, non-profit and thus was at the Capitol many many days during this past Legislative session.  And I’ve seen Doug there every time I’ve been there preparing himself for his position starting in 2019 to include sitting in on many different committee hearing to include Budget and Finance Committee meetings, which he – as an accountant – can actually understand.  It’s one thing to say that “I want more money for public schools,” it’s another to understand the many ‘streams’ of funding, how much goes into which, what exceptions there are, how money can be hidden and moved into other categories.  So, I want Doug to be my next State Senator so he can ‘follow the money’ without having to rely on Legislative Staff’s briefings, and stand up for public education, equality, and the environment.

When asked why I support Doug Ervin for State Senator the answer is simple, Doug is exactly what Arizona needs to provide a rational and logical course of action to our State with regard to education, environment and the equality of all.

I first met Doug when we worked together nearly 30 years ago. He was working full time and going to school to become an accountant. Doug impressed me with his thorough and complete understanding of issues prior to making a determination of a resolution to any problem.  He always looked at the issues from all sides and came up with a sustainable and fair solution.

I am an Arizona native, husband, father, and grandfather who wants the best for Arizona and his family and can think of no one who would better represent the people and State I love better than Doug with his family values, intelligence and caring for others.

Doug and I road in the MS 150 bike ride from Phoenix to Parker Dam in support of the charity. What makes this significant is that I am blind and we rode a tandem bike for two days. You learn a lot about a person when you put your confidence and safety in the hands of another while he is steering your course while you are pedaling the miles to the finish.

This is why I am so confident in my support of Doug in his ability to steer Arizona in a thoughtful, secure and sustainable direction.